At  Timber Ridge Bison, we know that God created these animals perfectly.  We strive to feed our bison the best possible food source that most closely resembles their wild diet.  Because of this, our animals graze on native prairie grass pastures and hay.

The Meat

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The Timber Ridge Bison tepee and bison hide camping chairs at Osborne Heritage Days in Elkader, Iowa.

Jim and Tammy at a local food fair.

We currently sell our fresh frozen bison meat directly off the ranch, at MooRoos and Hansen's Dairy Outlet, and at the Cedar Falls Farmers Market.  *UPDATE*  Whiskey Road in Cedar Falls and Sasquatch Jacks in Waverly have recently added our bison burger to their menu!  Stop in if you have the chance!

Check out our price list!  Please call for availability.

They are what they eat! An animal consuming a diet primarily of grass will be eating more omega-3 fatty acids, which in turn is incorporated into the meat.  Thirty years worth of research has indicated that the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids is increased in animals who consume primarily forage/grasses.  We choose to allow our animals to consume their natural diet of grass because of the health benefits to both the animal and the consumer.  We hope you see the value too!